How to copy multiple range to the exact same location in another sheet using google script?

How to copy multiple range to the exact same location in another sheet using google script?

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How to copy multiple range to the exact same location in another sheet using google script?
Tag : google-apps-script , By : janik
Date : January 12 2021, 09:11 PM

seems to work fine Since a RangeList is a collection of ranges you have to loop through the collection and copy each range.
function test () {
  try {
    var spread = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
    var sheet = spread.getSheetByName("Sheet1");
    var rlist = sheet.getRangeList(["A1:A5", "B7:B10", "C12:C16"]);
    sheet = spread.getSheetByName("Sheet2");
    for( var i=0; i<rlist.getRanges().length; i++ ) {
      var r1 = rlist.getRanges()[i];
      var r2 = sheet.getRange(r1.getA1Notation());
  catch(err) {

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Google script: How to move or copy multiple rows to a target sheet

Tag : google-apps-script , By : KL.
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish did fix the issue. I am trying to get the source rows that match my conditions to move to a target sheet. Then delete the source rows in the source sheet. Please see below code. Any help would be much appreciated. , This is a general code for moving range to range
function moveRange() {
  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();  
  var sourceSheet = ss.getSheets()[0];  
  var sourceRange = sourceSheet.getDataRange();
  var targetSheet = ss.getSheets()[1];  
  var targetRange = targetSheet.getRange(1, 1, sourceSheet.getLastRow(), sourceSheet.getLastColumn());

  sourceRange.moveTo(targetRange) ;


Copy selected range in a sheet to other place in a same sheet with Google Scripteditor

Tag : google-apps-script , By : Roel van Dijk
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
To fix the issue you can do The reason of error in your script is that getSelection() is not directly returned the range object. Please use getActiveRange() for getSelection(). So can you try this modification?
From :
var selection = sheet.getSelection();
var selection = sheet.getSelection().getActiveRange();

Google Script: How to copy and paste range to a new sheet on a row that is not empty

Tag : javascript , By : Chris Tattum
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish this helpful for you Instead of using .getLastRow() try calling a function that computes the last cell in a column and see if that works. Example:
function transferArchive() {

//TAB 1
//Target Range - Tab 1, Range 1
var sss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
var ss = sss.getSheetByName('Front Sheet');
var range = ss.getRange('B4:E');
var data = range.getValues();

//Destination Range - Tab 1, Range 1
var tss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
var ts = tss.getSheetByName('Printed POs');
ts.getRange(lastRow(ts, 1), 2, data.length, data[0].length).setValues(data);

function lastRow(sheet, colNum) {
var v = sheet.getRange(1, colNum, sheet.getLastRow()).getValues(),
    l = v.length,
while (l > 0) {
    if (v[l] && v[l][0].toString().length > 0) {
        r = (l + 2);
    } else {
return r ? r : 1;


Copy and paste data from one sheet to multiple where range matches sheet names

Tag : excel , By : Chris Woods
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
it helps some times Good morning all,
David, thanks very much for your help with this. I really didn't want you to think I was trying to get someone to give me the answer and I had tried a few other things before asking the question, but I neglected to show any evidence of my workings. Rookie mistake and I apologise for this.
    Option Explicit

Dim RawDataCol As String
Dim ListCol As String
Dim AdvRng As String
Dim RawDataRng As String
Dim SiteAbrRng As String
Dim ShiftCols As String
Private Sub SetParameters()

'Cell Address where RawData is pasted to each of the site sheets
    RawDataCol = "A2"

'Column where the Unique List is cleared and pasted
    ListCol = "L"

'Advanced Filter Range
    AdvRng = "A1:K2"

'Pasted Raw Data Columns on each sheet
    RawDataRng = "A2:K"

'Site Abr gets pasted to the address during loop
    SiteAbrRng = "A2"

'Range that gets deleted after pasting Raw Data to each sheet
    ShiftCols = "A2:K2"

End Sub
Sub CopyDataToSheets()

On Error GoTo ErrorHandler

AppSettings (True)

Dim StartTime As Double
Dim SecondsElapsed As Double

    StartTime = Timer

Dim wbk As Workbook
Dim sht_RawData As Worksheet, sht_target As Worksheet, sht_AdvancedFilter As Worksheet, sht_TurbineData As Worksheet
Dim tbl_RawData As ListObject
Dim LastRow1 As Long, LastRow2 As Long, UniqueListCount As Long
Dim MyArr As Variant
Dim ArrTest As Boolean
Dim x As Long, AdvRowNo As Long

Set wbk = ThisWorkbook


Set sht_RawData = wbk.Worksheets("Raw Data")
Set sht_AdvancedFilter = wbk.Worksheets("Advanced Filter")
Set sht_TurbineData = wbk.Worksheets("Turbine Data")

Set tbl_RawData = sht_RawData.ListObjects("_00")

'clear unqie list of SiteAbr
With sht_TurbineData

    LastRow1 = .Cells(Rows.Count, 12).End(xlUp).Row

    If LastRow1 > 1 Then
        'sht_TurbineData.Range("L1:L" & LastRow1).ClearContents
        sht_TurbineData.Range(ListCol & 1 & ":" & ListCol & LastRow1).ClearContents
    End If

End With

'Copy Unqiue list of SiteAbr to Turbie Data Sheet
tbl_RawData.Range.Columns(1).AdvancedFilter _
    Action:=xlFilterCopy, _
    CopyToRange:=sht_TurbineData.Range(ListCol & 1), _

    LastRow1 = sht_TurbineData.Cells(Rows.Count, sht_TurbineData.Range(ListCol & 1).Column).End(xlUp).Row

    'Sort Unique List
    sht_TurbineData.Range("L1:L" & LastRow1).Sort _
    Key1:=sht_TurbineData.Range("L1"), _
    Order1:=xlAscending, _

'Load unique site Abr to array
With sht_TurbineData

    'MyArr = Application.Transpose(.Range("L2:L" & LastRow1))
    MyArr = Application.Transpose(.Range(ListCol & 2 & ":" & ListCol & LastRow1))

    UniqueListCount = LastRow1 - 1

End With

'Test Array conditions for 0 items or 1 item

ArrTest = IsArray(MyArr)

If UniqueListCount = 1 Then
    MyArr = Array(MyArr)

ElseIf UniqueListCount = 0 Then
    GoTo ExitSub

End If

    For x = LBound(MyArr) To UBound(MyArr)

        Set sht_target = wbk.Worksheets(MyArr(x))

                With sht_target

                    'Find the last non blank row of the target paste sheet
                    LastRow2 = .Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row

                    'Clear contents if the Last Row is not the header row
                    If LastRow2 > 1 Then
                        .Range(RawDataRng & LastRow2).ClearContents
                    End If

                    sht_AdvancedFilter.Range(SiteAbrRng) = MyArr(x)

                    'Filter Source Data and Copy to Target Sheet
                    tbl_RawData.Range.AdvancedFilter _
                        Action:=xlFilterCopy, _
                        CriteriaRange:=sht_AdvancedFilter.Range(AdvRng), _
                        CopyToRange:=.Range(RawDataCol), _

                    'Remove the first row as this contains the headers
                    .Range(ShiftCols).Delete xlShiftUp

                End With

    Next x

    SecondsElapsed = Round(Timer - StartTime, 3)

    AppSettings (False)

    'Notify user in seconds
    MsgBox "This code ran successfully in " & SecondsElapsed & " seconds", vbInformation

Exit Sub
    MsgBox (Err.Number & vbNewLine & Err.Description)
    GoTo ExitSub

End Sub
Sub ClearAllSheets()

Dim tbl_SiteList As ListObject
Dim wbk As Workbook
Dim sht_target As Worksheet, sht_TurbineData As Worksheet
Dim MyArray As Variant
Dim x As Long, LastRow As Long

Set wbk = ThisWorkbook
Set sht_TurbineData = wbk.Worksheets("Turbine Data")
Set tbl_SiteList = sht_TurbineData.ListObjects("SiteList")


MyArray = Application.Transpose(tbl_SiteList.DataBodyRange)

For x = LBound(MyArray) To UBound(MyArray)

    Set sht_target = wbk.Worksheets(MyArray(x))

        LastRow = sht_target.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row

        If LastRow > 1 Then
            sht_target.Range("A2:K" & LastRow).ClearContents
        End If

Next x

End Sub
Private Sub AppSettings(Opt As Boolean)

If Opt = True Then

    Application.ScreenUpdating = False
    Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual

ElseIf Opt = False Then

    Application.ScreenUpdating = True
    Application.Calculation = xlCalculationAutomatic

End If

End Sub

Copy/Push data from array into a sheet range one row at a time using Google Apps Script

Tag : google-apps-script , By : ArdentRogue
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I think the issue was by ths following , Never 'push each row of the array, one at a time". This is clunky code and extremely slow to boot. Setting values it very similar to getting values. You declare a range variable with appropriates coordinates that fit the dimensions of your values[][] array, and pass the entire values array to 'setValues()' method of the Range object.
One of method signatures for getRange() is the following:
sheet.getRange(row, column, numberOfRows, numberOfColumns);
sheet.getRange(1, 1, sheetValues.length, sheetValues[0].length);
sheetValues = sheetValues.map(function(row){

if (row[9] == 'Target') { return row;  }

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