Get second item of queryset in html file (Django)

Get second item of queryset in html file (Django)

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Get second item of queryset in html file (Django)
Tag : django , By : Alan Little
Date : January 12 2021, 09:11 PM

this one helps. Django templates use dot separated access, it will try to obtain the attribute, item, and the item of the integer conversion. You thus can obtain the second Post item with:
{{ posts.1 }}

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Django add into many-to-many field for each item in a queryset?

Tag : python , By : Amin Amini
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
this one helps. Suppose I have the following model: , You could do a bulk_create on the through table. For example:
blog = Blog.objects.get(…)
users = User.object.all()

    [User.blogs.through(user_id=user.pk, blog_id=blog.pk) for user in users]

How do you loop through a Django queryset in an html file?

Tag : python , By : Shitic
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
around this issue Why not just get the first 3 items only in your view and only return those into the context? That seems like it would be the simplest solution.
first_3_reviews = Review.objects.filter(movie= movie)[:3]
{% for obj in review %} 
  {% if forloop.counter < 3 %} 
    <p> {% obj.review_text %} </p>
  {% endif %} 
{% endfor %}

How to get penultimate item from QuerySet in Django?

Tag : python , By : Caleb Ames
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
To fix the issue you can do How to get the penultimate item from Django QuerySet? I tried my_queryset[-2] (after checking whether the my_queryset length is greater than 1) as follows: , This code which produces an error
scans = self.scans.all().order_by('datetime')
if len(scans)>1:
    scan = scans[-2]
scans = self.scans.all().order_by('-datetime')
if len(scans)>1:
    scan = scans[1]

Django queryset for list item

Tag : python , By : JackIT
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
this will help You should create a new view, which get a pk of choosen movie and retrives all informations about it.
# Add to urls.py

urlpatterns += [url(r'^detail/(?P<pk>\d+)/$', views.movie_detail, name='movie_detail')]

# Add to views.py

from django.shortcuts import get_object_or_404

def movie_detail(request, pk):
    movie = get_object_or_404(movieTitle, pk=pk)
    return render(request, 'movie_detail.html', {'movie': movie})

# movie_detail.html

<h1>Title: {{ movie.title }}</h1>
<img src="{{ movie.image }}">
{{ movie.description|linebreaks }}
<p>Year: {{ movie.year }}</p>
<p>Director: {{ movie.director }}</p>
# Your initial html
    {% for movie in movies %}
        <a href="{% url 'movie_detail' movie.pk %}">{{ movie.title }}</a>
    {% endfor %}

Django get a queryset and filter by own queryset item

Tag : django , By : Richard Laksana
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
hop of those help? first of all, I cant find the way to explain what I'm intend to do properly so I'll try to do it the best way I can, hope it make sense to you. , try this
articulos = Item.objects.all().filter(activo=True,)
l = []
for i in articulos:

    articulo =  Item.objects.filter(pk=i.pk,cantidad_existente__lte=i.cantidad_minima)
    if articulo:

return render(request, template_name, {'items': l})
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