Unexpected behavior during Join (only works if rename column 'year' as 'year' ) otherwise fails with "package.TreeN

Unexpected behavior during Join (only works if rename column 'year' as 'year' ) otherwise fails with "package.TreeN

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Unexpected behavior during Join (only works if rename column 'year' as 'year' ) otherwise fails with "package.TreeN
Tag : apache-spark , By : Florian D.
Date : January 12 2021, 01:40 AM

hope this fix your issue Bugs. I simply rename. It is painful.
See How to resolve the AnalysisException: resolved attribute(s) in Spark. Other scenarios as well.

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Extract out Year column and Display Year column in Horizontal column from the same query in postgres sql

Tag : sql , By : quicky
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
hope this fix your issue I have this query that returns correct result for me . , Modern, explicit JOIN's, year-stuff in a derived table:
select name,
       count(case when year = 2002 then 1 end) as Year2002,
       count(case when year = 2003 then 1 end) as Year2003,
       count(case when year = 2016 then 1 end) as Year2016
    SELECT companies.name,
           date_part('year', scopes.time_stamp) AS Year
    FROM companies companies
    JOIN value_scopes value_scopes ON value_scopes.company_id = companies.company_id
    JOIN dp_values dp ON value_scopes.value_scope_id = dp.value_scope_id
    JOIN dp_content_definition cd ON dp.dp_content_definition_id = cd.dp_content_definition_id
    JOIN dp_definition def ON def.dp_definition_id=cd.dp_definition_id
    WHERE value_scopes.is_partial = 'f'
) dt
group by name

Swift: unexpected behavior when setting DateComponents year

Tag : swift , By : tommy
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I hope this helps you . If you log now and dc you will see the problem. now is being created from a Date. This fills in all of the date components including yearForWeekOfYear and several of the weekday related components. These components are causing modDate to come out incorrectly.
newDate works as expected because only the specific components are being set.
now.yearForWeekOfYear = nil
let mod = DateComponents()
mod.timeZone = now.timeZone
mod.year = 2010
mod.month = 2
mod.day = 24
mod.hour = now.hour
mod.minute = 0
mod.second = now.second
print("\nModified Date:")
print("\(mod.month!)/\(mod.day!)/\(mod.year!) \(mod.hour!):\(mod.minute!):\(mod.second!)   \(mod.timeZone!)")
let modDate = calendar.date(from: mod)

Syntax error in Python 3.7: in line "if (year % 4) and (year % 100) and (year % 400):"

Tag : python , By : Pip
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
wish help you to fix your issue That line itself is fine.
You're missing a closing parenthesis on the line before it:
year = int(input("Enter a year: ")

How do i transform calendar year column to multiple year to months column based on months column and calendar year colum

Tag : sql , By : pepper
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
To fix this issue Not sure if this will be better approach but you can achieve your output using case statement as well if you don't want to do pivot/unpivot.
Data Creation:
select 1 as ID,     2017 as MOYEar,  2017 as calenderyear, 1  as Jan,    2  as feb,  
4 as mar,    0  as dece into #temp union all 

 select 1 as ID,     2017 as MOYEar,  2018 as calenderyear, 1  as Jan,    0  as feb,  
 6 as mar,    10 as dece union all 
 select 2 as ID,     2018 as MOYEar,  2018 as calenderyear, 80 as Jan,    5  as feb,  
 8 as mar,    22 as dece union all 
 select 3 as ID,     2017 as MOYEar,  2018 as calenderyear, 30 as Jan,    12 as feb,  
 0 as mar,    3  as dece 
Select ID, MOYEar, max(case when calenderyear = '2017' then Jan else null end)  as Jan_17, 
max(case when calenderyear = '2017' then Feb else null end ) as Feb_17, 
max(case when calenderyear = '2017' then Mar else null end ) as Mar_17,
max(case when calenderyear = '2017' then Dece else null end)  as Dece_17, 
max(case when calenderyear = '2018' then Jan else null end ) as Jan_18, 
max(case when calenderyear = '2018' then Feb else null end ) as Feb_18, 
max(case when calenderyear = '2018' then Mar else null end ) as Mar_18,
max(case when calenderyear = '2018' then Dece else null end)  as Dece_18  from #temp 
Group by ID, MOYEar
ID  MOYEar  Jan_17  Feb_17  Mar_17  Dece_17 Jan_18  Feb_18  Mar_18  Dece_18
 1  2017    1         2       4       0       1         0   6      10
 3  2017    NULL    NULL    NULL    NULL     30        12   0       3
 2  2018    NULL    NULL    NULL    NULL     80         5   8      22

y in DATEADD function does not work for year. Instead I can use yy or year. However m and d works. Why?

Tag : sql-server , By : dormsbee
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
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