Javascript classes define attribute in constructor or outside the class

Javascript classes define attribute in constructor or outside the class

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Javascript classes define attribute in constructor or outside the class
Tag : javascript , By : micaleel
Date : January 11 2021, 03:34 PM

seems to work fine If the overdraftlimit is shared across all the BankAccount, then go with the static propriety.
BankAccount.overdraftlimit = -500;
 constructor(balance = 0){
   this.balance = balance;
   this.overdraftlimit = -500;

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Define base class constructor methods in derived classes

Tag : chash , By : Paul Schwarz
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will be helpful for those in need I think that you should refer to template-method-design-pattern
abstract class AbstractClass
    public List<String> list;
    public abstract void PrimitiveOperation1();

    public void TemplateMethod()
      //initialize code that each class should perform

class DerivedClass: AbstractClass
    public override void PrimitiveOperation1()
AbstractClass abstractClass1 = new DerivedClass();

Abstract Base Classes: How do you define a copy constructor or assignment operator for a class that contains a pointer t

Tag : cpp , By : Andrew Bailey
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
wish help you to fix your issue I just encountered with question on parashift.com regarding Abstract base classes in c++ . , It is true that you can do
delete f1.p;
f1 = f2;

ES6 Javascript Classes - define class method to an existing function

Tag : javascript , By : Robert Daniel Pickar
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
it should still fix some issue ECMA-Script 6 class syntax is a syntactic sugar over regular prototype system:
class A {


// This is still possible!
A.prototype.doStuff = function() {


var existingFn = function() {};

A.prototype.existingFn = existingFn;

var instance = new A();

Javascript: Class constructor basics - define property in separate method

Tag : javascript , By : harley.holt
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
wish help you to fix your issue you can declare calculateSquare and checkIfPrime function within the constructor and return another object.
function myFirstJsClass(number) {

    var calculateSquare = function(n) {
        return n * n;

    var checkIfPrime = function(n) {
        //check if prime
        return true; // or false

    this.number = number;
    this.square = calculateSquare(number);
    this.isPrime = checkIfPrime(this.square);

var calculateSquare = function(n) {
    return n * n;

var checkIfPrime = function(n) {
    //check if prime
    return true; // or false

function myFirstJsClass(number) {
    this.number = number;
    this.square = calculateSquare(number);
    this.isPrime = checkIfPrime(this.square);
var calculateSquare = function() {
    this.square= this.number * this.number;

var checkIfPrime = function() {
    //check if prime with this.square
    this.isPrime = true; // or false

function myFirstJsClass(number) {
    this.number = number;

Define a constructor for a class whose members exist according to the template base classes

Tag : cpp , By : Josh Tegart
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish did fix the issue. The error messages are a bit terrible if you pass the wrong types or number of arguments, so I'm not sure this is worth it, but…
One thing needed is a way to filter and randomly-access a pack of types; realistically I would use Brigand or Boost.Hana for this, but I'll stick with std::tuple<> here to keep this standard:
namespace detail {
    template<template<bool> class Holder, bool B>
    std::integral_constant<bool, B> holder_value_(Holder<B>);

    template<typename HolderT>
    constexpr decltype(detail::holder_value_(std::declval<HolderT>())) holder_value() {
        return {};

    template<typename UnfilteredT, typename FilteredT>
    struct filter_holders;

    template<typename UnfilteredT, typename FilteredT = std::tuple<>>
    using filter_holders_t = typename filter_holders<UnfilteredT, FilteredT>::type;

    template<typename... Fs>
    struct filter_holders<std::tuple<>, std::tuple<Fs...>> {
        using type = std::tuple<Fs...>;

    template<typename U, typename... Us, typename... Fs>
    struct filter_holders<std::tuple<U, Us...>, std::tuple<Fs...>> : filter_holders<
        std::conditional_t<holder_value<U>(), std::tuple<Fs..., U>, std::tuple<Fs...>>
    > { };
namespace detail {
    template<typename... HolderTs>
    std::tuple<typename HolderTs::value_type...> value_types_(std::tuple<HolderTs...>);

    template<typename HoldersT>
    using value_types_t = decltype(detail::value_types_(std::declval<HoldersT>()));

template<bool HasLevels, bool HasLayers, bool HasFaces>
struct index : levels<HasLevels>, layers<HasLayers>, faces<HasFaces> {
    using bases_t = std::tuple<levels<HasLevels>, layers<HasLayers>, faces<HasFaces>>;
    using true_bases_t = detail::filter_holders_t<bases_t>;
    using arg_types_t = detail::value_types_t<true_bases_t>;

    template<std::size_t... Is, typename... ArgTs>
    index(std::index_sequence<Is...>, ArgTs&&... args)
    : std::tuple_element_t<Is, true_bases_t>{std::forward<ArgTs>(args)}... { }

    index() = default;

        typename... ArgTs,
        std::size_t S = sizeof...(ArgTs),
        typename = std::enable_if_t<
            S && std::is_same<std::tuple<std::decay_t<ArgTs>...>, arg_types_t>{}
    index(ArgTs&&... args)
    : index{std::make_index_sequence<S>{}, std::forward<ArgTs>(args)...} { }
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