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Show English characters instead of Arabic - WordPress

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Show English characters instead of Arabic - WordPress
Tag : php , By : WellBeing
Date : November 26 2020, 12:01 PM

I wish this help you I am posting Hadiths in my website and i post it in 3 translations: Arabic, Urdu, English. In Hadith's page, where Hadiths are showing one by one, It's showing Arabic excerpt text. , Try to replace
<?php the_excerpt(); ?>
$position = strpos(get_the_content(), 'Hadith in English Translation');
$excerpt = strip_tags(substr(get_the_content(), $position));
echo $excerpt;

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How do I get both arabic and english text to show in a wordpress blog post?

Tag : wordpress , By : kgw
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
This might help you Looks like a database charset problem. Here are a few things you can try:
 define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8');
 define('DB_CHARSET', '');

Transliterate arabic characters into english - Wordpress

Tag : php , By : Webtoad
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
this one helps. you are using str_split fro spliting the arabic multi byte charactors. you need to use a multibyte function.
function multibyte_str_split($string) {
    $strlen = mb_strlen($string);
    while ($strlen) {
        $array[] = mb_substr($string, 0, 1, "UTF-8");
        $string = mb_substr($string, 1, $strlen, "UTF-8");
        $strlen = mb_strlen($string);
    return $array;

$arb = <<<EOD

$ar = multibye_str_split($arb);
function arb2en_title($post=0)
  $text = get_the_title($post);

$arb_en_map=array ( 
'\\xd8\\xa1' => '\'', '\\xd8\\xa2' => '|', '\\xd8\\xa3' => '>',
'\\xd8\\xa4' => '&', '\\xd8\\xa5' => '<', '\\xd8\\xa6' => '}',
'\\xd8\\xa7' => 'A', '\\xd8\\xa8' => 'b', '\\xd8\\xa9' => 'p',
'\\xd8\\xaa' => 't', '\\xd8\\xab' => 'v', '\\xd8\\xac' => 'j',
'\\xd8\\xad' => 'H', '\\xd8\\xae' => 'x', '\\xd8\\xaf' => 'd',
'\\xd8\\xb0' => '*', '\\xd8\\xb1' => 'r', '\\xd8\\xb2' => 'z',
'\\xd8\\xb3' => 's', '\\xd8\\xb4' => '$', '\\xd8\\xb5' => 'S',
'\\xd8\\xb6' => 'D', '\\xd8\\xb7' => 'T', '\\xd8\\xb8' => 'Z',
'\\xd8\\xb9' => 'E', '\\xd8\\xba' => 'g', '\\xd9\\x80' => '_',
'\\xd9\\x81' => 'f', '\\xd9\\x82' => 'q', '\\xd9\\x83' => 'k',
'\\xd9\\x84' => 'l', '\\xd9\\x85' => 'm', '\\xd9\\x86' => 'n',
'\\xd9\\x87' => 'h', '\\xd9\\x88' => 'w', '\\xd9\\x89' => 'Y',
'\\xd9\\x8a' => 'y', '\\xd9\\x8b' => 'F', '\\xd9\\x8c' => 'N',
'\\xd9\\x8d' => 'K', '\\xd9\\x8e' => 'a', '\\xd9\\x8f' => 'u',
'\\xd9\\x90' => 'i', '\\xd9\\x91' => '~', '\\xd9\\x92' => 'o',
'\\xd9\\xb0' => '`', '\\xd9\\xb1' => '{', 

foreach($arb_en_map as $key=>$value)
return  htmlentities($text);

echo arb2en_title();
$arb_en_map=array ( 
 '\\xd8\\xaf' => ']', '\\xd8\\xac' => '[', '\\xd8\\xad' => 'p',
 '\\xd8\\xae' => 'o', '\\xd9\\x87' => 'i', '\\xd8\\xb9' => 'u',
 '\\xd8\\xba' => 'y', '\\xd9\\x81' => 't', '\\xd9\\x82' => 'r',
 '\\xd8\\xab' => 'e', '\\xd8\\xb5' => 'w', '\\xd8\\xb6' => 'q',
 '\\xd8\\xb4' => 'a', '\\xd8\\xb3' => 's', '\\xd9\\x8a' => 'd',
 '\\xd8\\xa8' => 'f', '\\xd9\\x84' => 'B', '\\xd8\\xa7' => 'h',
 '\\xd8\\xaa' => 'j', '\\xd9\\x86' => 'k', '\\xd9\\x85' => 'l',
 '\\xd9\\x83' => ';', '\\xd8\\xb7' => '\'', '\\xd8\\xb8' => '/',
 '\\xd8\\xb2' => '.', '\\xd9\\x88' => ',', '\\xd8\\xa9' => 'm', 
 '\\xd9\\x89' => 'n', '\\xd8\\xb1' => 'v', '\\xd8\\xa4' => 'c', 
 '\\xd8\\xa1' => 'x', '\\xd8\\xa6' => 'z', '\\xd8\\xa5' => 'Y',
 '\\xd8\\xa3' => 'H', '\\xd8\\xa2' => 'N',

English to Arabic conversion in wordpress

Tag : php , By : Webtoad
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will help you I want to translate English to Arabic in wordpress (buddy press). , In php we should call like this
$reason    = sprintf(__("Wave limit has been exceeded for today, you can wave  tomorrow %s","buddypress"),$user);

php separate arabic from english characters

Tag : php , By : Nathan Good
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will be helpful for those in need in this question : php separate chinese from english characters separate chinese from english, but not work for arabic characters and not separated, how change that code to work for arabic characters ? , For your case you can use like,
$arabic = preg_replace(array('/[\x{0600}-\x{06FF}?]/u', '/(\s)+/'), array('', '$1'), $str);
^[\u0621-\u064A\u0660-\u0669 ]+$

How can I extract English characters from a string of mixed (Arabic and English) Letters

Tag : python , By : Ed.
Date : January 02 2021, 06:48 AM
may help you . I have many strings similar as below , Using Regex.
import re
s = """A ali - عالي
Baghdad - بغداد"""

for line in s.splitlines():
    m = re.search(r"([A-Za-z\s]+)", line)
    if m:
A ali 
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