Why silex don't resolve App in consructor?

Why silex don't resolve App in consructor?

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Why silex don't resolve App in consructor?
Tag : php , By : Kirks
Date : November 26 2020, 06:23 AM

will be helpful for those in need You must pass $app as a parameter to the constructor when defining the route
    function (Request $request) use ($app) {
        $controller = new AuthorController(
        return $controller->create();

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I am trying to unit test a Silex application but Silex\WebTestCase namespace cannot be found

Tag : symfony , By : user150744
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
it fixes the issue you have to define a bootstrap inside phpunit.xml.dist which point to the bootstrap of your silex application like it's done here https://github.com/joshuamorse/Silex-Boilerplate/blob/master/phpunit.xml.dist

How to make Silex\Debug return JSON inside Silex App

Tag : php , By : OllieDoodle
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
With these it helps I'm assuming you're using the WhoopsServiceProvider to integrate into Silex - you should have the following in your app.php or index_dev.php.
$app->register(new WhoopsServiceProvider());
$app['whoops.error_page_handler'] = $app->share(function() {
    return new PrettyPageHandler;
$app['whoops'] = $app->share(function() use($app) {
    $run = new Run;
    return $run;
$app->error(function (\Exception $e, $code) use($app) {
    return $app->json(array("error" => $e->getMessage()),$code);

Silex traits for swiftmailer. Fatal error: Call to undefined method Silex\Application::mail()

Tag : development , By : user87225
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
With these it helps You need to create a custom Application class which extends \Silex\Application and uses that trait.
Assuming a base project tree as:
// src/WL/App.php

namespace WL;

class App extends \Silex\Application
    use \Silex\Application\SwiftmailerTrait;

    // add some other trait
    // even custom methods or traits
// app/bootstrap.php

$app = new \WL\App();

// configure it, register controllers and services, ...

// or import them
foreach (glob(__DIR__ . "/../src/WL/Controller/*.php") as $controllers_provider) {
    include_once $controllers_provider;

return $app;
// src/Wl/Controller/blog.php

use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request;

/** @var \Silex\ControllerCollection $blog */
$blog = $app['controllers_factory'];

// define some routes

$blog->post('/send-mail', function (Request $request, \WL\App $app)
    // Now this application passed to your controller is an
    // instance of custom \App which has the trait you want
    // in contrary with the default \Silex\Application



$app->mount('/blog', $blog);
// web/index.php

// define autoloading
// customize debug and server parameters

$app = require_once '../app/bootstrap.php';


Silex 2 : Security firewall error with locale (Silex SecurityServiceProvider + Pmaxs\LocaleServiceProvider)

Tag : php , By : FuzzyHornet
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
this one helps. I think I manage to solve my problem this way :
1/ To dodge my error 404 where I login and logout when I have another locale than en, I redirect the user in en before my check_path and logout :
// The login form action
<form role="form" action="{{ locale_generate('en', 'login_check') }}" method="post">

// The logout
<a href="{{ locale_generate('en', 'logout') }}"> <span class="log">{{ 'logout'|trans }}</span></a>
// My Ajax call where I send the selected langage value
$(".change_langue").on("click", function() {
    var new_langue = $(this).data("lg");

        url: "{{ path('new-langue') }}",
        type: 'POST',
        data: {'langue': new_langue},
        success: function (resp) {
        error: function (resp) {

// My controller where I set the value in session
$app->post('/new-langue', function(Request $request) use ($app) {
    $new_langue = $request->get('langue');

    $app['session']->set('langue', $new_langue);
    $result['new_langue'] =  $app['session']->get('langue');

    return new Response(json_encode($result));

$app->register(new Silex\Provider\SecurityServiceProvider(), array(
    'security.firewalls' => array(
        'secured' => array(
            'pattern' => '^/',
            'anonymous' => true,
            'form' => array(
                'login_path' => 'login',
                'check_path' => '/login_check',
                'always_use_default_target_path' => true,  // I add this line
                'default_target_path' => '/login/redirect' // I add this line
            'logout' => array(
                'logout_path' => '/logout',
                'invalidate_session' => true,                      
            'users' => function () use ($app) {
                return new _mypixers_silex\DAO\UserDAO($app['db']);
$app->get('/login/redirect', function(Request $request) use ($app) {
    $session_langue = $app['session']->get('langue');
    if (empty($session_langue)) {
        $session_langue = 'en';
    return $app->redirect($app['locale.url_generator']->generate($session_langue, 'pixers'));


Javascript Uncaught Typeerror - is not a consructor

Tag : javascript , By : Tony Z
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
hop of those help? You did not define any constructor for Countdown.CountdownController and Countdown.CountdownView, so the line new Countdown.CountdownView() and Countdown.CountdownController() will throw your error.
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