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Is there a way to count all words on a sheet while making specific exceptions?

Is there a way to count all words on a sheet while making specific exceptions?

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Is there a way to count all words on a sheet while making specific exceptions?
Tag : google-sheets , By : Raghaw
Date : November 24 2020, 12:01 PM

this will help try:
=ARRAYFORMULA(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(query(Sheet1!A1:A,,2^99) , ">>>" , "") , "Description WIP" , "") , "%N/C%" , "") , "\n" , ""))

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Count words on multiple textareas on a html sheet

Tag : javascript , By : Boris
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
like below fixes the issue When you look up an element by ID, it will only ever return one, so your approach wont work for multiple elements. What you could do is iterate the id. For example, element 1's id = "edit1", element 2 = "edit2", element 100 = "edit100" and so on. This way, you could easily access all of them with a simple for loop:
var rootID = "edit";
var totalWordCount = 0;
for (var i=0; i<100; i++) {
  var textElement = document.getElementById(rootID + i);
  var textBoxContents = textElement.value;

  // Count the words in one textbox.
  var textBoxWordCount = 0;
  // These are optional, they are there to account for new lines or double spaces
  // and will help make your word count more accurate.
  textBoxContents = textBoxContents.replace(/(^\s*)|(\s*$)/gi,"");
  textBoxContents = textBoxContents.replace(/[ ]{2,}/gi," ");
  textBoxContents = textBoxContents.replace(/\n /,"\n");
  // This splits up words and counts them based on whether there is a space 
  // between them or not. 
  textBoxWordCount = textBoxContents.split(' ').length;

  // Add this number of words to the total.
  totalWordCount += textBoxWordCount;

// totalWordCount now holds the total number of words in all your boxes!

Count number of occurences of specific words in Excel sheet using python & xlrd

Tag : python , By : wiznick
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
fixed the issue. Will look into that further for new questions you ask, it could be helpfull if you provide an example of the input data. and the expected output
I think you should change
if " " in sheet.cell(row,col):
    values.append(str(sheet.cell(row,col).value.split(" ")))
from collections import Counter
import string
words = Counter(word.lower().strip(string.punctuation) for word in values)

copy, count and order all the words of a specific column and move them to other sheet

Tag : excel , By : snapshooter
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Hope this helps What I am trying to achieve is to copy the unique words (they repeat a few times) of sheet "Data" column A (ignoring header) to sheet "Country" column A and then add a second column to this sheet with the counting of occurrences of every word found. At same time ordering the list from higher to smaller. See the prints below as example. , Keeping the general structure of your code:
Sub Count_Sort()

Dim i As Integer
Dim ws As Worksheet, cs As Worksheet

Set ws = Sheets("Data")

ws.Range("A2", ws.Range("A2").End(xlDown)).Select     'Update for different data column

Sheets.Add After:=Sheets(Sheets.Count)
ActiveSheet.Name = "Country"               'Update for different data column
Set cs = Sheets("Country")                 'Update for different data column

Application.CutCopyMode = False
cs.Range("A2", cs.Range("A2").End(xlDown)).RemoveDuplicates Columns:=1, Header:=xlNo
cs.Range("A1") = ws.Range("A1").Value          'Update for different data column (only ws.Range("A1").Value) (this is just the column heading)
cs.Range("B1") = "X times"

For i = 1 To cs.Range("A2", cs.Range("A2").End(xlDown).End(xlUp)).Rows.Count         
    cs.Cells(1 + i, 2) = Application.CountIf(ws.Range("A2", ws.Range("A2").End(xlDown)), cs.Cells(1 + i, 1))          'Update for different data column
Next i

cs.Range(cs.Cells(2, 1), cs.Cells(cs.Range("A2").End(xlDown).Row, 2)).Sort Key1:=cs.Range("B1"), order1:=xlDescending, Header:=xlNo

End Sub

Making specific words or bunch of words bold in phppresentation

Tag : php , By : Eran Yahav
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
help you fix your problem You must divide your text in multiple parts.
You could use this code :
$oFont = new Font();

$oFontBold = clone $oFont;

$textRun = $shape->createTextRun('Your content is centered around ');

$textRun = $shape->createTextRun('promotion of events');

$textRun = $shape->createTextRun('. While we encourage continuing this practice based on the strong results.');

How to count the number of occurences in different specific cells from a sheet 1 to another sheet 2?

Tag : excel , By : Deepak Poondi
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
it fixes the issue In sheet 1, in cells G26, G45, G65, G85, I have the word "ok". In sheet 2, in cell A1, I want to count the number of occurrences of the word "ok" from the specified cells in sheet 1. Somehow, using countif or SUM(countifs) returns that this is not a function or #value? in the A1 cell in sheet 2. , COUNTIF will only accept a single range.
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