How to get all registered user from Openfire through http

How to get all registered user from Openfire through http

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How to get all registered user from Openfire through http
Tag : development , By : itsmegb
Date : November 27 2020, 03:01 PM

wish of those help For your specific requirement you should check Openfire Rest-API Plugin.
The plugin already provides Users related operations over HTTP, like: Get overview over all or specific user and to create, update or delete a user.

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iOS XMPP Framework with Openfire Server get all registered users

Tag : ios , By : Jason Jennings
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I hope this helps you . Hi Guys finally i found the alternative answer for this by searching users using their username.
1.for every contact i am adding emailid username@domainname like this.
- (void)getDetailsofRegisteredUser {

    //To Search Peticular User either by using their name, email or username
    NSString *userBare1  = [[[[self appDelegate] xmppStream] myJID] bare];
    NSXMLElement *query = [NSXMLElement elementWithName:@"query"];
    [query addAttributeWithName:@"xmlns" stringValue:@"jabber:iq:search"];

    NSXMLElement *x = [NSXMLElement elementWithName:@"x" xmlns:@"jabber:x:data"];
    [x addAttributeWithName:@"type" stringValue:@"submit"];

    NSXMLElement *formType = [NSXMLElement elementWithName:@"field"];
    [formType addAttributeWithName:@"type" stringValue:@"hidden"];
    [formType addAttributeWithName:@"var" stringValue:@"FORM_TYPE"];
    [formType addChild:[NSXMLElement elementWithName:@"value" stringValue:@"jabber:iq:search" ]];

    NSXMLElement *userName = [NSXMLElement elementWithName:@"field"];
    [userName addAttributeWithName:@"var" stringValue:@"Username"];
    [userName addChild:[NSXMLElement elementWithName:@"value" stringValue:@"1" ]];

    NSXMLElement *name = [NSXMLElement elementWithName:@"field"];
    [name addAttributeWithName:@"var" stringValue:@"Name"];
    [name addChild:[NSXMLElement elementWithName:@"value" stringValue:@"1"]];

    NSXMLElement *email = [NSXMLElement elementWithName:@"field"];
    [email addAttributeWithName:@"var" stringValue:@"Email"];
    [email addChild:[NSXMLElement elementWithName:@"value" stringValue:@"1"]];

    //Here in the place of SearchString we have to provide registered user name or emailid or username(if it matches in Server it provide registered user details otherwise Server provides response as empty)
    NSXMLElement *search = [NSXMLElement elementWithName:@"field"];
    [search addAttributeWithName:@"var" stringValue:@"search"];
    [search addChild:[NSXMLElement elementWithName:@"value" stringValue:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@", SearchString]]];

    [x addChild:formType];
    [x addChild:userName];
    [x addChild:name];
    [x addChild:email];
    [x addChild:search];
    [query addChild:x];

    NSXMLElement *iq = [NSXMLElement elementWithName:@"iq"];
    [iq addAttributeWithName:@"type" stringValue:@"set"];
    [iq addAttributeWithName:@"id" stringValue:@"searchByUserName"];
    [iq addAttributeWithName:@"to" stringValue:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"search.%@",DOMAIN_NAME]];
    [iq addAttributeWithName:@"from" stringValue:userBare1];
    [iq addChild:query];
    [[[self appDelegate] xmppStream] sendElement:iq];


//We will get response here

- (BOOL)xmppStream:(XMPPStream *)sender didReceiveIQ:(XMPPIQ *)iq

    DDLogVerbose(@"%@: %@", THIS_FILE, THIS_METHOD);
    NSLog(@"searched format %@", iq);


qxmpp - getting list of all accounts being registered on openfire server

Tag : qt , By : RyanMcG
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
hop of those help? I haven't tried with qxmpp, but my openfire installation has a plugin for XEP-0055: Jabber Search. Using miranda IM, I can find all contancts in the server by searching for * (search service is search.my.xmpp.domain). I don't know whether this plugin was part of the original installation or I had to install it separately.
Doing a quick search, qxmpp seems not to have an existing xep-0055 implementation, so you will either have to write one by yourself or maybe you can use the implementation linked in this post on Google Groups.

How to login with recently registered user to openfire in ios?

Tag : ios , By : Ambarish Singh
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish did fix the issue. It's a cache issue, you should manually empty users cache in the admin console. Or you can set custom maxLifetime for user list. This is cache doc openfire cache
And set User custom parameters

When using social auth, how to differentiate newly registered user from registered users in firebase?

Tag : firebase , By : Ashley
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
around this issue Currently the only way to do so is to use realtime database and save the user when they first sign in and set some flag. The next time the user signs in, if the user and the flag is set then the user is previously registered.

ESLint: Possible race condition: `user.registered` might be reassigned based on an outdated value of `user.registered`.

Tag : javascript , By : Alan Little
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
it fixes the issue This seems to be a false positive. ESLint is assuming that the await Log.createUser(user); line is manipulating the user object data, so if we were to have in parallel another async function similar to the above, like:
let createUserWrapper2 = async function(user){
                await Log.createUser2(user);
                if (!user.registered) {
                    user.registered = true;
                    //userToSave has been declared outside of this function's scope
                    userToSave = true;
Promise.all([createUserWrapper(user), createUserWrapper2(user)]).then(() => {
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