Loop over one array as if it was a multidimensional array

Loop over one array as if it was a multidimensional array

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Loop over one array as if it was a multidimensional array
Tag : php , By : Jakub Filak
Date : December 05 2020, 12:23 PM

it fixes the issue I have an array like: , Try this :
if(!is_array($array[0])) {
    $new_array[] = $array;
    $array = $new_array;

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PHP multidimensional array - foreach loop showing last array

Tag : php , By : user183289
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish did fix the issue. Fix your syntax. echo is not inside the {}s as you intend. Otherwise, PHP will assume that you just intend to do the echo, and won't realize you want to do an internal loop.
To fix:
foreach($worksheet as $ws=>$value)
     echo $ws.'<br/>';

PHP: Loop through multidimensional array and establish parent-child relationships between array items

Tag : php , By : glisignoli
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
fixed the issue. Will look into that further I don't think you should get into objects. Plus I think it would just be extra work to generate objects and etc. In my opinion you should loop through the array and generate a multidimensional array that represents the navigational hierarchy and then loop the generated array recursively to generate your HTML. I've done a sample code for you, it works the way you want it to but you probably want to make some changes.
// Generate your multidimensional array from the linear array
function GenerateNavArray($arr, $parent = 0)
    $pages = Array();
    foreach($arr as $page)
        if($page['parent'] == $parent)
            $page['sub'] = isset($page['sub']) ? $page['sub'] : GenerateNavArray($arr, $page['id']);
            $pages[] = $page;
    return $pages;

// loop the multidimensional array recursively to generate the HTML
function GenerateNavHTML($nav)
    $html = '';
    foreach($nav as $page)
        $html .= '<ul><li>';
        $html .= '<a href="' . $page['link'] . '">' . $page['name'] . '</a>';
        $html .= GenerateNavHTML($page['sub']);
        $html .= '</li></ul>';
    return $html;
$nav = Array
        'id' => 27,
        'name' => 'home',
        'link' => 'home.html',
        'parent' => 0
        'id' => 30,
        'name' => 'about',
        'link' => 'about.html',
        'parent' => 27

$navarray = GenerateNavArray($nav);
echo GenerateNavHTML($navarray);

Storing a multidimensional array from another array and calling it in a foreach loop

Tag : php , By : new Blackberry devel
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
wish help you to fix your issue So i have a shopping cart creation issue, most of the code is working, just the final part of the For each loop is not be called. I believe the problem is somehow the array that it uses is being overwritten. , try this:
  $color = $_POST['color_select'];
  $size = $_POST['size_select'];
  $price = $_POST['price'];
  $range = $_POST['range'];
  $item_array = array('i_color' => $color, 'i_size' => $size, 'i_price' => $price, 'i_range' => $range);
  $_SESSION["item"][] = $item_array;

Loop through one array and find value in a subarray of a different multidimensional array

Tag : php , By : lietkynes
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
this one helps. Required:
Format User Supplied Answers Indicate unanswered questions for the user
foreach ($answerArray as $id => $oneSetOfAnswers) {

    $unasweredQuestions = array();  // need a copy as it is a 'state vector'
                                    // of 'processed questions for this individual.
    foreach($questionArray as $oneQuestion) {
        $unasweredQuestions[$oneQuestion['ueID']] = $oneQuestion;

    // process the answers...
    echo '<br />', '[' . $id . ']';

    foreach ($oneSetOfAnswers as $id => $oneAnswer) {

        $queId = $oneAnswer['QueID'];

        $theAnswers = getAnswer($unasweredQuestions[$queId], $oneAnswer);

        // remove from the list

        // show answers
        foreach($theAnswers as $oneLine) {
            echo '<br />', $oneLine;

    // show the unansweredQuestions
    foreach ($unasweredQuestions as $question) {
        echo '<br />', $question['ueText'] .' : no answer supplied.';
 * @param type $question
 * @param type $oneAnswer
 * @return array ready to print
function getAnswer($question,  $oneAnswer)
    $useAnsText =    strpos(strtolower($question['ueType']), 'multi') !== false
                  || strpos(strtolower($question['ueType']), 'single') !== false;
    $q = $question['ueText'];

    if ($useAnsText) {
        return array($q . ' : '. $oneAnswer['AnsText']);

    // ignore standard stuff and assume whatever remains is wanted
    $ignore = array('AnsText', 'QueID', 'QueType');

    $answer = array($q);

    foreach($oneAnswer as $id => $response) {
        if (in_array($id, $ignore)) {

        $answer[] = $id .' : '. $response;
    return $answer;

Loop Multidimensional array to generate Multidimensional Array for Google Charts

Tag : javascript , By : Juan Pablo
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
this one helps. Edit: This uses a function and a temporary variable temp for collecting values. Every third item, a new array is pushed to the result array.
function x(data) {
    var r = [], temp;
    data.forEach(function (a, i) {
        if (!(i % 3)) {
            temp = [a[1]];
    return r;

var data = [['ANSWERED', '477', 728], ['BUSY', '477', 48], ['NO ANSWER', '477', 277], ['ANSWERED', '478', 88], ['BUSY', '478', 24], ['NO ANSWER', '478', 56]],
    result = [['Call Disposition', 'Answered', 'Busy', 'Failed']].concat(x(data));

document.write('<pre>' + JSON.stringify(result, 0, 4) + '</pre>');
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