What does the notation () => mean and how to use it?

What does the notation () => mean and how to use it?

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What does the notation () => mean and how to use it?
Tag : javascript , By : kraszie
Date : November 24 2020, 09:00 AM

I hope this helps you . That's an ES2015 (aka ES6) arrow function. It's a function expression that inherits this (and arguments, and a few other things) from the context where it's created. So basically:
test: function() { return { type: 'TEST_ACTION' }; }

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Difference between big-O notation and theta notation, why (theta) Ө-notation is suitable to insertion sort to describe i

Tag : algorithm , By : alexmajy
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
To fix this issue We use Ө-notation to write worst case running time of insertion sort. But I’m not able to relate properties of Ө-notation with insertion sort, why Ө-notation is suitable to insertion sort. How does the insertion sort function f(n), lies between the c1*n^2 and c2*n^2 for all n>=n0. , The use of Ө-notation :
suppose we have a function , 
                  f(n) = 4logn + loglogn  
             we can write this function as 
                  f(n) = Ө(logn)
             Because its upper bound and lower bound
are O(logn) and  Ω(logn) repectively, which are same 
so it is legal to write this function as , 
                  f(n)=  Ө(logn)
     **Finding upper bound :**

 f(n) = 4logn+loglogn

    For all sufficience value of n>=2

        4logn <= 4 logn   
        loglogn <= logn 

    Thus , 

     f(n) = 4logn+loglogn <= 4logn+logn
                          <= 5logn
                           = O(logn)       // where c1 can be 5 and n0 =2
**Finding lower bound :**

   f(n) = 4logn+loglogn

   For all sufficience value of n>=2

      f(n) = 4logn+loglogn >= logn
    Thus,              f(n) =  Ω(logn)   // where c2 can be 1 and n0=2

  so , 
                        f(n) = Ɵ(logn) 
If running time of insertion sort is described by simple function f(n).
In particular , if f(n) = 2n^2+n+1 then 

Finding upper bound:
      for all sufficient large value of n>=1
                         2n^2<=2n^2   ------------------- (1)
                           n <=n^2    --------------------(2)
                           1 <=n^2    --------------------(3)
        adding eq 1,2 and 3, we get.
                     2n^2+n+1<= 2n^2+n^2+n^2
        that is 
                         f(n)<= 4n^2
                         f(n) = O(n^2)  where c=4 and n0=1 

Finding lower bound:
       for all sufficient large value of n>=1
                           2n^2+n^2+1 >= 2n^2
         that is , 
                                f(n) >= 2n^2
                                f(n) = Ω(n^2) where c=2 and n0=1     
      because upper bound and lower bound are same,
                                f(n) = Ө(n^2)

   if f(n)= 2n^2+n+1 then, c1*g(n) and c2*g(n) are presented by diagram:

How to convert big negative scientific notation number into decimal notation string in javascript?

Tag : javascript , By : Steve Jones
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
like below fixes the issue This works for any positive or negative number with the exponential 'E', positive or negative. (You can convert a numerical string to a number by prefixing '+', or make it a string method, or a method of any object, and call the string or number.)
Number.prototype.noExponents= function(){
    var data= String(this).split(/[eE]/);
    if(data.length== 1) return data[0]; 

    var  z= '', sign= this<0? '-':'',
    str= data[0].replace('.', ''),
    mag= Number(data[1])+ 1;

        z= sign + '0.';
        while(mag++) z += '0';
        return z + str.replace(/^\-/,'');
    mag -= str.length;  
    while(mag--) z += '0';
    return str + z;

var n=2.54E-20;

What is the difference between array notation and object notation when creating multiple chunks in webpack?

Tag : javascript , By : Bharath
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
To fix this issue If you just want to specify several chunks you can just add hot-loading script to one of them:
entry: {
    vandor: './vendor/vendor.js',
    app: ['webpack-hot-middleware/client', './src/js/entry.js']
entry: {
    vandor: ['./vendor/vendor.js'],
    app: ['./src/js/entry.js']

How do I replace array-style notation in templates with object-notation when switching from cakephp 2.x to 3.x

Tag : php , By : Blaise Roth
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
fixed the issue. Will look into that further When migrating, what is a fast way to replace the array notation of cakephp 2.x , this regular expression works: find this

Prevent Jupyter from switching between normal mathematical notation and scientific notation

Tag : python , By : Heals1ic
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
around this issue I want to ask a question about turning off scientific notation of numbers in Jupyter notebook. , This is a numpy print issue:
In [544]: with np.printoptions(suppress=True): 
     ...:     np.array([[1.63276953e+02, 1.41858314e-01], 
     ...:    [1.64042353e+02, 5.13131094e-01]]) 
In [545]: with np.printoptions(suppress=True): 
     ...:    print( np.array([[1.63276953e+02, 1.41858314e-01], 
     ...:    [1.64042353e+02, 5.13131094e-01]])) 
[[163.276953     0.14185831]
 [164.042353     0.51313109]]

In [546]: with np.printoptions(suppress=False): 
     ...:    print( np.array([[1.63276953e+02, 1.41858314e-01], 
     ...:    [1.64042353e+02, 5.13131094e-01]])) 
[[1.63276953e+02 1.41858314e-01]
 [1.64042353e+02 5.13131094e-01]]
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