How to validate the ICCID number of a SIM card in TSQL?

How to validate the ICCID number of a SIM card in TSQL?

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How to validate the ICCID number of a SIM card in TSQL?
Tag : sql-server , By : moops
Date : November 24 2020, 01:01 AM

may help you . I have been wondering if there is the possibility of validating that big number that is the unique code for every SIM card on the planet, the ICCID. , I Found it!
CREATE FUNCTION dbo.usp_ValidateICCID ( @inputString VARCHAR(20) )


IF @inputString NOT LIKE ('%[0-9]%[0-9]%[0-9]%') 

DECLARE @charTable TABLE ( 
 Position INT NOT NULL, 
 ThisChar CHAR(1) NOT NULL, 
 Doubled TINYINT, 
 Summed TINYINT ) 

SET @inputString = CAST(@inputString AS CHAR(20))
INSERT INTO @charTable(Position, ThisChar) 
 SELECT 1, SUBSTRING(@inputString, 1, 1) UNION ALL 
 SELECT 2, SUBSTRING(@inputString, 2, 1) UNION ALL 
 SELECT 3, SUBSTRING(@inputString, 3, 1) UNION ALL 
 SELECT 4, SUBSTRING(@inputString, 4, 1) UNION ALL 
 SELECT 5, SUBSTRING(@inputString, 5, 1) UNION ALL 
 SELECT 6, SUBSTRING(@inputString, 6, 1) UNION ALL 
 SELECT 7, SUBSTRING(@inputString, 7, 1) UNION ALL 
 SELECT 8, SUBSTRING(@inputString, 8, 1) UNION ALL 
 SELECT 9, SUBSTRING(@inputString, 9, 1) UNION ALL 
 SELECT 10, SUBSTRING(@inputString, 10, 1) UNION ALL 
 SELECT 11, SUBSTRING(@inputString, 11, 1) UNION ALL 
 SELECT 12, SUBSTRING(@inputString, 12, 1) UNION ALL 
 SELECT 13, SUBSTRING(@inputString, 13, 1) UNION ALL 
 SELECT 14, SUBSTRING(@inputString, 14, 1) UNION ALL 
 SELECT 15, SUBSTRING(@inputString, 15, 1) UNION ALL 
 SELECT 16, SUBSTRING(@inputString, 16, 1) UNION ALL 
 SELECT 17, SUBSTRING(@inputString, 17, 1) UNION ALL 
 SELECT 18, SUBSTRING(@inputString, 18, 1) UNION ALL 
 SELECT 19, SUBSTRING(@inputString, 19, 1) UNION ALL 
 SELECT 20, SUBSTRING(@inputString, 20, 1)

DELETE FROM @charTable
WHERE  ThisChar NOT LIKE('[0-9]') 

DECLARE @tempTable TABLE ( 
 NewPosition INT IDENTITY(1,1), 
 OldPosition INT ) 
INSERT INTO @tempTable (OldPosition)
 SELECT Position 
 FROM @charTable 
 ORDER BY Position ASC 

UPDATE  @charTable
SET   Position = t2.NewPosition 
FROM  @charTable t1 
INNER JOIN  @tempTable t2 ON t1.Position = t2.OldPosition 

IF ( SELECT MAX(Position) % 2 FROM @charTable ) = 0 
 UPDATE @charTable
 SET  Doubled = CAST(ThisChar AS TINYINT) * 2 
 WHERE Position % 2 <> 0 
 UPDATE @charTable 
 SET  Doubled = CAST(ThisChar AS TINYINT) * 2 
 WHERE Position % 2 = 0 

UPDATE @charTable
SET  Summed = 
     WHEN Doubled IS NOT NULL AND Doubled <= 9 
     THEN Doubled 
     WHEN Doubled IS NOT NULL AND Doubled >= 10 
     THEN (Doubled / 10) + (Doubled - 10) 

IF ( SELECT SUM(Summed) % 10 FROM @charTable ) = 0
 SET @result = 1
 SET @result = 0

RETURN @result 

alter function dbo.usp_ValidaICCID(@inputStr varchar(20))
    RETURNS tinyint
as begin
  declare @workStr   varchar(20)
  declare @strLength smallint
  declare @i         smallint
  declare @sum       smallint
  declare @prod      smallint
  declare @digit     char(1)
  declare @evenInd   tinyint
  declare @result    tinyint
  if(@inputStr not LIKE ('%[0-9]%[0-9]%[0-9]%[0-9]%[0-9]%[0-9]%[0-9]%[0-9]%[0-9]%[0-9]%[0-9]%[0-9]%[0-9]%[0-9]%[0-9]%[0-9]%[0-9]%[0-9]'))
        return 2
  set @strLength = len ( @inputStr )
  set @i = 1
  set  @workStr = ''
  WHILE @i <= @strLength
    set @digit = SUBSTRING(@inputStr, @i, 1)
    if(@digit LIKE '[0-9]') set @workStr = @workStr + @digit
    set @i = @i +1
  set @sum     = 0
  set @evenInd = 0
  if(@strLength % 2 = 0)
     set @evenInd = 1
  set @i = 1
  WHILE @i <= @strLength
    set @digit = SUBSTRING(@workStr, @i, 1)
    set @prod   = CONVERT(smallint , @digit)
    if(@evenInd = 1 and @i % 2 = 1 or @evenInd = 0 and @i % 2 = 0) set @prod = @prod * 2
    if(@prod >= 10)  set @prod = @prod/10 + @prod-10 
    set @sum = @sum + @prod
    set @i = @i +1
  if(@sum %10 = 0)
     set @result = 1 
   set @result = 0 
  return @result

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how to validate credit card number and Card Code Verification (ccv)

Tag : php , By : leorick
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Any of those help Right, so after some initial fail on understanding what was being asked for, I think the following should help.

How to get ICCID number from IPhone?

Tag : iphone , By : Jonathan Bernard
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
This might help you I am Trying to get the ICCID from Iphone. can anyone please help me on this. , You mean via programming method? You can't.

How can I get the ICCID number of the phone?

Tag : android , By : sgmichelsen
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Hope that helps I believe getSimSerialNumber() will get iccid.
For Android 5.1+, see this answer on this question, for which I deserve zero credit.

How to get sim ICCID number on Windows Phone 8

Tag : chash , By : bjorngylling
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
wish help you to fix your issue Very old question, but I have the answer in case some other people came here for the same issue.
Is possibile to get the phone IMEI only if you request OEM Access and libraries to Microsoft itelf. They provide OEM partner some Restricted API. I think they only release those api to mobile operator

how to validate credit card info(billing, card number etc) through authorize.net?

Tag : php , By : user142345
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
wish of those help No. The only way to know a credit card is valid is to process a transaction. Only then is the bank contacted to validate the credit card.
FYI, I am the author of the article you linked to.
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