Geomapping using Qlikview BI tool

Geomapping using Qlikview BI tool

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Geomapping using Qlikview BI tool
Tag : development , By : eastcoastj
Date : November 19 2020, 12:41 AM

it fixes the issue Two ways to achieve this case:
1. Using GeoQlik extension Install GeoQlik extension in Qlikview Click to Install GeoQlik Open GeoQlik extension in Webmode and choose Line Graph. Add the dimensions as Country Origin and Country Destination

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Is there a way to read Qlikview data object using R and perform an statistical operation and return results to Qlikview?

Tag : r , By : Alex
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
To fix this issue We use winform/OCX and access the QV document and suck data right out of the document and then pump data back into the document using dynamic SQL. Look at my answer here
But be warned that this is not without its own pitfalls and problems.

GeoMapping Bearing and Coordinate Calculation for GoogleMaps markers

Tag : android , By : John R
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
With these it helps I'm writing an Android app and integrating GoogleMapsV2 API. I have a series of markers on the map at various locations around an anchor. , probably needs 360.0
 double calcBearing =  (Math.toDegrees(Math.atan2(y, x))+360.0)%360.0;
LatLon ll;
Point p = mMap.getProjection().toScreenLocation(ll);
    final Handler handler = new Handler();
    final long start = SystemClock.uptimeMillis();
    final long duration = 2500;

    final Interpolator interpolator = new BounceInterpolator();

    handler.post(new Runnable() {
        public void run() {
            long elapsed = SystemClock.uptimeMillis() - start;
            float t = Math.max(
                    1 - interpolator.getInterpolation((float) elapsed
                            / duration), 0);

            marker.setAnchor(0.5f, 1.0f + 6 * t);

            if (t > 0.0) {
                // Post again 16ms later.
                handler.postDelayed(this, 16);
    // Define the callback method that receives location updates
public void onLocationChanged(Location location) {

    // Given the bearing, speed, and current location
    // calculate what the expected location is traveling for an
    // interval that is slightly larger than two times fastest interval of
    // the location provider and animate the map movement to the
    // expected location over the same slightly larger interval.

    // In Theory by using an interval that is slightly larger
    // than two times fastest interval of the location provider for the
    // animation length a new animation will start before the
    // currently running animation finishes. This should ensure a
    // smooth animation of the map while traveling under most
    // circumstances.

    // Negative acceleration (braking)
    // should have acceptable map animation because the map
    // animation in theory never finishes.

    // Note longer intervals, large negative accelerations, just
    // braking at the start of an interval may result in the map moving
    // backwards. But it will still be animated.

    // Some handhelds might not be able to keep up

    // TODO CHECK THE age of the location

    // location.getSpeed() =meters/second
    // interval 1/1000 seconds
    // distance in radians km/6371

    // changed.
    // (location.getSpeed()m/s)(1/1000 interval seconds)( 1/1000 km/m)
    // (1/6371 radians/km) = radians/6371000000.0
    double expectedDistance = location.getSpeed() * expectedDistMultiplier;
    // latitude in Radians
    double currentLatitude = Math.toRadians(location.getLatitude());
    // longitude in Radians
    double longitude1 = Math.toRadians(location.getLongitude());
    double bearing;
    bearing = (location.hasBearing()) ? Math.toRadians(location
            .getBearing()) : 0;

    // calculate the expected latitude and longitude based on staring
    // location
    // , bearing, and distance

    double expectedLatitude = Math.asin(Math.sin(currentLatitude)
            * Math.cos(expectedDistance) + Math.cos(currentLatitude)
            * Math.sin(expectedDistance) * Math.cos(bearing));
    double a = Math.atan2(
            Math.sin(bearing) * Math.sin(expectedDistance)
                    * Math.cos(currentLatitude),
            Math.cos(expectedDistance) - Math.sin(currentLatitude)
                    * Math.sin(expectedLatitude));
    double expectedLongitude = longitude1 + a;
    expectedLongitude = (expectedLongitude + 3 * Math.PI) % (2 * Math.PI)
            - Math.PI;

    // convert to degrees for the expected destination
    double expectedLongitudeDestination = Math.toDegrees(expectedLongitude);
    double expectedLatitudeDestination = Math.toDegrees(expectedLatitude);

    // log everything for testing.
    Log.d("Location", "Bearing in radians" + bearing);
    Log.d("Location", "distance in km" + expectedDistance);
    Log.d("Location", "Current Latitude = " + location.getLatitude()
            + " Current Longitude = " + location.getLongitude());
    Log.d("Location", "New Latitude = " + expectedLatitudeDestination
            + " New Longitude = " + expectedLongitudeDestination);

    // build a camera update to animate positioning map to the expected
    // destination
    LatLng ll = new LatLng(expectedLatitudeDestination,
    CameraPosition.Builder cb = CameraPosition.builder()
    if (location.hasBearing()) {
    CameraPosition camera = cb.build();
    CameraUpdate update = CameraUpdateFactory.newCameraPosition(camera);
    mMap.animateCamera(update, interval, this);

QlikView iis install without QlikView workbench

Tag : development , By : Michael Gunderson
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
fixed the issue. Will look into that further To answer your questions. There aren't any limitations, using IIS over Qlikview webserver is more of a personal preference, as most Qlikview experts do not have knowledge in IIS, if you are already familiar with IIS it might just give you an advantage in the future.
You do not need a workbench license to use IIS.

Run a Python script in data-analyses tool QLikView

Tag : python , By : apple
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I think the issue was by ths following , Now I am learning to analyse data in the BI tool QLikView. I tried to run a Python script while executing the QLikView script. , to Stefan I found the solution, the command:
EXECUTE C:\\Users\\masc\\AppData\\Local\\Programs\\Python\\Python36\\python "C:\\Users\\masc\\Desktop\\Data-analyse voor U-Center in QLikView\\Zelfgemaakte dummy dataset U-Center\\Bezetting berekenen in Python\\BerekenBezetting.py";

Qlikview is ETL testing tool or development tool?

Tag : development , By : Mike
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
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