Ninject dependency injection: Read bindings from config?

Ninject dependency injection: Read bindings from config?

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Ninject dependency injection: Read bindings from config?
Tag : asp.net-mvc , By : matthew
Date : November 29 2020, 01:01 AM

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.NET MVC Dependency Injection with Ninject

Tag : chash , By : MJRider
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
fixed the issue. Will look into that further I've just started programming in .NET and I'm having some problems with implementing dependency injection (using Ninject). , From the package manager console run this command:
Install-package Ninject.MVC3
    private static void RegisterServices(IKernel kernel)

Create instance from web.config and with dependency injection in constructor with Ninject

Tag : chash , By : Mforg
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
it should still fix some issue ideally you would have ILogReporting injected into the service that would use it.
public class SomeService : ISomeService
    private readonly ILogReporting _logger;

    public SomeService(ILogReporting logger)
        _logger = logger;

    // .... code....
public class SomeService : ISomeService
    private readonly IDependencyResolver _resolver;

    public SomeService(IDependencyResolver resolver)
        _resolver = resolver;

    public void Execute()
        var logger = _resolver.GetService<ILogReporting>();
        // .... code....

Nested Ninject Bindings - Dependency Injection

Tag : chash , By : user134570
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
it should still fix some issue I think ordinary kernel.Bind().To() should work pretty well for you.
I prepared a small snippet to determine, that if that's really what you want. Is this correct?
using System;
using Ninject;

namespace NinjectTest
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            IKernel kernel = new StandardKernel();

            kernel.Bind<IInnerService>().ToMethod(c=>new InnerService("this is a test config key")); //bind InnerService implementation to be used with provided string
            kernel.Bind<IOuterService>().To<OuterService>(); //bind OuterService implementation to be used, all parameters will be injected to it using previously defined configs

            var outerService = kernel.Get<IOuterService>();

            var result = outerService.CallInner();


        public interface IInnerService
            string GetConfigKey();

        public class InnerService : IInnerService
            private readonly string _configurationKey;

            public InnerService(string configurationKey)
                _configurationKey = configurationKey;

            public string GetConfigKey()
                return _configurationKey;

        public class OuterService : IOuterService
            private readonly IInnerService _innerService;

            public OuterService(IInnerService innerService)
                _innerService = innerService;

            public string CallInner() //purely for testing
                return _innerService.GetConfigKey();

        public interface IOuterService
            string CallInner();

How to set up dependency injection in Ninject?

Tag : chash , By : Sebastian Gift
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
wish helps you I figured this out. You have to use the DI() extension method as suggested by the docs. This is in the Akka.DI.Core namespace.
using Akka.DI.Core;
var actor = actorSystem.ActorOf(actorSystem.DI().Props<TimeLordActor>(),

asp.net mvc 3 dependency injection ninject

Tag : asp.net-mvc , By : lonehunter01
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
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