sml configuration on ubuntu, how to run sml on command instead of the full path?

sml configuration on ubuntu, how to run sml on command instead of the full path?

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sml configuration on ubuntu, how to run sml on command instead of the full path?
Tag : shell , By : amy
Date : November 25 2020, 07:22 PM

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Assign a short name for a full directory path in ubuntu

Tag : ubuntu , By : Ryan Adriano
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
this one helps. I am new on nutch. When I was installing nutch, I am stuck at line " ${NUTCH_RUNTIME_HOME} to refer to the current directory (apache-nutch-1.X/)". Then How will I assign the variable name to current directory ? , Open the file ~/.bashrc , Add following lines at the end of the file:
# for example: 
# export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64
export SHORT_NAME=/the/whole/directory

django/db/backends/mysql/operations.py full path please for ubuntu

Tag : django , By : MikeG
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will help you Need full path for django.db.backends folder. , Run this command:
$ locate django/db/backends.

How to get full path of Documents in C/C++ on Linux (Ubuntu)

Tag : cpp , By : obijywk
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish this help you It looks like, if this is based on the XDG FreeDesktop standard, then there are two files that contain the info:

Running a powershell command using full path and arguments from command line

Tag : powershell , By : mckasty
Date : December 25 2020, 08:01 PM
around this issue As an aside: The quoting-related part of the problem could have been avoided by using environment variable $env:ProgramFiles instead of literal "C:\Program Files\..." in the script path, which would have simplified the command to:
powershell "& $env:ProgramFiles\Folder\file.ps1 -verbose:$True -restart"
powershell -File "C:\Program Files\Folder\file.ps1" -Verbose -Restart
powershell -Command "& 'C:\Program Files\Folder\file.ps1' -Verbose:$true -Restart"
"C:\Program Files\Folder\file.ps1 -verbose:$True -restart"
rem # !! Still doesn't work
powershell ^& "C:\Program Files\Folder\file.ps1 -verbose:$True -restart"
& C:\Program Files\Folder\file.ps1 -verbose:$True -restart
powershell -Command "& 'C:\Program Files\Folder\file.ps1' -Verbose:$true -Restart"
rem # Works, but generally less robust than the above.
powershell -Command ^& 'C:\Program Files\Folder\file.ps1' -Verbose:$true -Restart
powershell -Command "& \"C:\Program Files\Folder\file.ps1\" -Verbose:$true -Restart"
rem # The most robust form in Windows PowerShell.
rem # Still subject to whitespace normalization in PowerShell Core.
powershell -Command "& "^""C:\Program Files\Folder\file.ps1"^"" -Verbose:$true -Restart"

Node: Can I run global modules/packages from command line without specifying full path [Ubuntu, Nodejs, NPM]

Tag : node.js , By : tanminivan
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
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