Cancel draggable dragging

Cancel draggable dragging

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Cancel draggable dragging
Tag : jquery , By : ap.
Date : January 10 2021, 01:57 PM

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Draggable nested inside Draggable drags both when dragging child in IE

Tag : javascript , By : Cube_Zombie
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
it fixes the issue After a lot of digging, I seem to have found a solution for now. It involves hacking ui.draggable.js, but currently it doesn't look like there is any other way.
To see my full answer, have a look at my post on the jQuery forum:

draggable without jquery ui: how to stop dragging the not-draggable and type-able elements?

Tag : javascript , By : robinator
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will be helpful for those in need I have this draggable code without jquery ui and I want to modify it to suit my requirements: , Insert something like this right at the top of your drag function :
if(e.target.className == "dontDragMePlease") return;
if(e.target.tagName == 'INPUT') return;
$('body').on('mousedown', 'div', function(e) {
 if(e.target.className == "dontDragMePlease") return;
 if(e.target.tagName == 'INPUT') return;
    $(this).addClass('draggable').parents().on('mousemove', function(e) {

How to suppress `ui-draggable-handle` and `ui-draggable-dragging` on jQuery UI draggable?

Tag : jquery , By : Der Ketzer
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Does that help You can override the functions so that the classes aren't added, which is in my solution below. However, these classes are probably added for a reason so be careful.
Overriding _create, _mouseStart and _mouseUp
// Only need to focus if the event occurred on the draggable itself, see #10527
// if ( this.handleElement.is( event.target ) ) {

    // The interaction is over; whether or not the click resulted in a drag,
    // focus the element
//    this.element.trigger( "focus" );
$.ui.draggable.prototype._create = function() {
    if ( this.options.helper === "original" ) {
    if ( this.options.addClasses ) {
        this._addClass( "ui-draggable" );
    // this._setHandleClassName(); <- only line changed


$.ui.draggable.prototype._mouseStart = function( event ) {
    var o = this.options;

    //Create and append the visible helper
    this.helper = this._createHelper( event );

    // this._addClass( this.helper, "ui-draggable-dragging" ); <- only line changed

    //Cache the helper size

    //If ddmanager is used for droppables, set the global draggable
    if ( $.ui.ddmanager ) {
        $.ui.ddmanager.current = this;

         * - Position generation -
         * This block generates everything position related - it's the core of draggables.

    //Cache the margins of the original element

    //Store the helper's css position
    this.cssPosition = this.helper.css( "position" );
    this.scrollParent = this.helper.scrollParent( true );
    this.offsetParent = this.helper.offsetParent();
    this.hasFixedAncestor = this.helper.parents().filter( function() {
        return $( this ).css( "position" ) === "fixed";
    } ).length > 0;

    //The element's absolute position on the page minus margins
    this.positionAbs = this.element.offset();
    this._refreshOffsets( event );

    //Generate the original position
    this.originalPosition = this.position = this._generatePosition( event, false );
    this.originalPageX = event.pageX;
    this.originalPageY = event.pageY;

    //Adjust the mouse offset relative to the helper if "cursorAt" is supplied
    ( o.cursorAt && this._adjustOffsetFromHelper( o.cursorAt ) );

    //Set a containment if given in the options

    //Trigger event + callbacks
    if ( this._trigger( "start", event ) === false ) {
        return false;

    //Recache the helper size

    //Prepare the droppable offsets
    if ( $.ui.ddmanager && !o.dropBehaviour ) {
        $.ui.ddmanager.prepareOffsets( this, event );

    // Execute the drag once - this causes the helper not to be visible before getting its
    // correct position
    this._mouseDrag( event, true );

    // If the ddmanager is used for droppables, inform the manager that dragging has started
    // (see #5003)
    if ( $.ui.ddmanager ) {
        $.ui.ddmanager.dragStart( this, event );

    return true;

$.ui.draggable.prototype._mouseUp = function( event ) {

    // If the ddmanager is used for droppables, inform the manager that dragging has stopped
    // (see #5003)
    if ( $.ui.ddmanager ) {
        $.ui.ddmanager.dragStop( this, event );

    // Following block removed since handle doesn't exist anymore

    // Only need to focus if the event occurred on the draggable itself, see #10527
    // if ( this.handleElement.is( event.target ) ) {

        // The interaction is over; whether or not the click resulted in a drag,
        // focus the element
    //    this.element.trigger( "focus" );

    return $.ui.mouse.prototype._mouseUp.call( this, event );
    addClasses: false,
    create: function() {
    start: function() {

Draggable is not dragging

Tag : javascript , By : cheese_doodle
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish this help you I am assuming you are using jqueryUI with the drag and drop libraries installed. If you aren't that might make things a little easier for you.
you could make it work with:
$('#seizeImg img').draggable(); 
accept: $('#seizeImg img'),
drop: function(){
//enter code here to take place whenever you drop something on it
// if you want to take a value from the object you are dropping on
// the droppable object just use:
var varID = (ui.draggable.attr("value");
     // you have to include 
$('seizeImg img').draggable({function(){ 
    //add some more moving parts here if you need to

VueJs draggable sortable cancel adding element without cancel the drag preview

Tag : javascript , By : user183289
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish this helpful for you The sortable itself, the library Vue.draggable is based on, doesn't have a drop event handler (link), but this can get you started: https://jsfiddle.net/94z81596/10/. The key idea is making use of the change handler:
state.document = state.document.filter((item) => item.value);
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